Edward Lychik is an adventurer. He joined the U.S Army when he was 19 and was sent to Fort Wainwright, Alaska, serving as Combat Engineer with the 1/25th SBCT. The following year he was deployed to Afghanistan on the Operation Enduring Freedom campaign. Midway through his deployment, a recoiless rifle rocket struck his vehicle and he lost his left leg and became a Hip-disartic amputee. After medically retiring, he road tripped and traveled through some of the most beautiful national parks in the United States. In those timeless moments, he found a passion for running. While being one of the few hip-amputees that run, he ran various races from a half-marathon, tough mudder, spartan races, 25k trail run and a Marathon in 4:33. His journey in fact.. is only just beginning.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Just thank you

    Thank you for your service
    Thank you for not giving up or giving in
    Thank you for reminding us of what we are and not what we aren’t
    Thank you for making me smile; though I’m a stranger and we’ve never met
    Thank you for reenforcing my belief in the good in people
    Thank you for the inspiration

    I’m very glad there are young people like yourself. The smile you gave today me in reading about you will be passed to as many strangers as I can find to share it with.

    Best regards and maybe I’ll see you at a race someday.

    Brian from Salem

  2. I’m a hd amputee from an ied. Walk well. Would like to see gor running setup up close and be in touch w your prosthetist. Can you pm me?

  3. Please send me an email. I’m a hip dis as well and would like to see your running setup up close. Also would like to talk to your prosthetist. Daniel dot m dot Gade at gmail dot com

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